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The authentic fishing village Volendam

A Volendammer once said, "There are 16 million Dutch citizens and 22,000 Volendammers. " That is absolutely correct . All the more so if you realise that, besides being a sum, this also tells you something about the nature of the people of Volendam. They are really very different from the average Dutchman. Volendam ,home to incredibly hard workers, has a close-knit community and a rich sense of history. Volendam is world-famous. In the Netherlands it is well-known for its musicians and it is recognised world-wide as a special place in the Netherlands.

Between the houses and the fishing port

Volendam was founded in the fourteenth century under the name of "Follendam". The little port quickly became a place favoured by fishers and farmers who settled there.

Nowadays, the harbour in Volendam and the Dijk, which runs all along the harbour, are tourist attractions. Every year, thousands of tourists stroll through this busy little town, where on one side you can see the traditional old houses of Volendam and on the other side the harbour with its fishing boat.

Hospitality comes as second nature

Volendammers know everything there is to know about hospitality and that can be seen in the many shops, catering establishments and photo shops where you can have your photo taken in traditional costume.

Volendam also has several museums and there is a so-called "maze" . This residential area, with its winding streets, little bridges and canals is well-worth a visit. And for every good reason: in the narrow streets you find one perfect photo location after another showing Holland just as you imagine it in times gone by - little houses, canals and drawbridges. Volendammers have their own view of tourists. "They often say, " In Volendam you are not a tourist, you are a guest." You certainly feel that as you stroll around Volendam.

Download a map of Volendam

Download a map of Marken by clicking on underneath picture! At this map you will find several points of interest in Marken and Volendam.

Kaar Volendam en Marken