Vanwege de Sinterklaasintocht op 19 november is de haven van Volendam gestremd vanaf 16.15 uur. Onze laatste afvaart komt te vervallen. De laatste afvaart vanuit Marken is daarom om 15.45 uur. 


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A children's party sailing with the Volendam Marken Express

A children's party with a difference: sailing on the Volendam-Marken  Express Help the Captain: an outdoor activity which is both educational and good fun!

Help the captain: outside, educational and joyfull

Have you got tired of always going bowling  at children's parties? Take the birthday boy or girl sailing instead! A trip on the Volendam-Marken  Express has everything : it is (preferably) outdoors, educational and good fun, too. And the Captain is always happy to see them - he can use their help on board.

Everything is possible

Furthermore, you can arrange your child's party according to your own wishes. Virtually everything is possible - from a birthday cake to a clown or a combination of the two. You can also organise a treasure hunt onshore in Marken or unpack presents in the VIP suite on board. We will take pleasure in discussing ideas with you so that you can organise a truly unforgettable day.

For more information or a quotation (wholly without obligation) contact one of our event managers via e-mail or telephone 0299 363331.