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Cycling or walking in North-Holland

Ideal links, a lovely boat trip and you don't need to walk or cycle the same way there and back

Cycling or walking in North-Holland or Waterland: a wonderful experience! Be sure to take a single crossing with the Volendam-Marken  Express. From the water you can see Volendam, the Gouwzee lake and Waterland and you don't need to walk or cycle the same way there and back. Bicycles can be taken without restriction on board for a fee of € 1.50 per cycle ticket. Of course you can buy a return ticket for the Volendam-Marken  Express, but we do advise you to visit the beautiful lighthouse, the "Horse of Marken". After that be sure to cycle or walk over the dyke in the direction of Uitdam, Durgerdam or Monnickendam. On one side of the dyke you can see hundreds of birds bobbing in the waters of the Gouwzee. Meanwhile, on the other side, you can see cows and sheep grazing. That is the Netherlands at its most beautiful. And the Volendam-Marken  Express will transport you (and your bicycle) there with great pleasure.

Bike and hiking routes

For more bike and hiking routes we will recommend you the following website: