Vanwege de Sinterklaasintocht op 19 november is de haven van Volendam gestremd vanaf 16.15 uur. Onze laatste afvaart komt te vervallen. De laatste afvaart vanuit Marken is daarom om 15.45 uur. 


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Foto in Marker dracht

Foto in Marker dracht

Anyone who visits Marken should not miss the chance to have their photo taken in traditional costume. It is definitely the most personalised souvenir that you can take home from this beautiful former island. With the Volendam-Marken Express you can receive a reduction of € 7.00 per person for your photo at the shoe factory at Marken. Many famous people from home and abroad have been there before you. People such as Dutch singers Jan Smit and Gerard Joling, footballers Ronaldo and Romario and impressive names such as Henk Schiffmaker, Jan des Bouvrie and Prince Mohammed of Jordan.

This offer includes:

Your own picture in traditional Marker costume
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Price: €7,00

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