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Welcome to the Volendam-Marken Express

Ferry service between 2 historical towns

For over 80 years the Volendam-Marken Express operates a ferry service between Volendam and Marken. Our boats sail all year round, except when the lake is frozen. Every year thousands of travelers use our ferry to enjoy a relaxed trip on the water and to visit the historic towns and harbours of Volendam and Marken. The Volendam-Marken Express is much more than an ideal form of transport between the folklore of the old fishing village of Volendam and the still authentic Dutch village of Marken, it also gives a unique insight into the history of the former Zuiderzee. Our boats offers you protection from the elements, a sundeck when protection is not needed, and in the Captain's Bar you can enjoy a cup of coffee and delicious pie during the trip. We hope to see you on board soon!

Volendam - an hospitable and photogenic destination

It is said that there are 17 million Dutch citizens and 22,000 extra citizens in Volendam. This tells you something about the nature of the people of Volendam. They are really very different from the average Dutchman. Volendam, home to incredibly hard workers, has a close-knit community, a rich sense of history and the town is known for its hospitality. You will feel welcome in the old town and you will find there is plenty to see and do.

Marken, an historic island

Marken, referred to by the locals as "Mereke", is a peninsula reaching out into the Gouwzee and Markermeer lakes. Today it is possible to travel overland to Marken , but until 1957 Marken was an isolated island, situated first in the former Zuiderzee and later in the IJsselmeer lake. In the thirteenth century the island of Marken was first populated by monks from Friesland, who supported themselves by tending cattle and farming.